Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Me Domesticated.

Lately I have been off the blogger radar and there are many reasons.

First, as you know I am pregnant with surrogate twins. A boy and a girl. This in and of itself is enought to keep me tired and off the blogosphere. The fatigue and body aches keep me boudn to comfy areas like the couch and bed, and until recently I kept my laptop in one place not allowing it its full roaming potential.

Second, I have been trying to be more domestic for my daughter and husband. Trying to keep up with cleaning, cooking, and raising my baby girl. It sure isn't as easy as I thought, especially with being pregnant.

I have been knitting a lot, and watching cooking shows and cooking new things. Lo and I have been to the Zoo this year quite a few times since we bought our membership. That is always fun of course.

Mainly though, I just haven't felt too much inspiration to write about. I bought these books to help spark something, but then swiftly lost them in the clutter in my office. Go figure. I suppose when I get to the office clean up I will become an awesome blogger. 'Til then, you can enjoy my silly little stories and vast space between posts.


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