Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

I just got a call from the salon where I get my hair done. The nice lady on the phone informed me that she was named Christy, and that my stylist Katie (MY stylist? I only used her twice) has left the salon. However they valued my patronage (Again, I only went there twice) and that to keep me as a client, they would like to offer me 50% off my next appointment (Holy Crap, that's half off of $100-- I get cut, colored, highlighted, and styled) ANNNND a 1/2 massage FOR FREEE!!!! WHAT??!!! I got my hair done the twice by the same girl, and they want to give me free stuff for being a loyal client??!! OK!! Sign me Up!! I am soo excited!! So being as my 1 year wedding anniversary is July 7, I scheduled the appointment on July 3rd. I am getting my hair colored, highlighted, washed, cut, and styled, then i will go into the meditation room for a nice 1/2 massage!! That is as close to a "Spa Day" as I have EVER been. and all for just under $70!!! MY goodness. I am soo excited.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Give Me A Sign

Have you ever prayed to GOD for a sign, but then you get the sign, and you don't like it so you pretend that you don't know its a sign, so you ask for another sign to prove this one is a sign? Yeah, well that's me right now. I asked for a sign to go forward or to stop, and basically got the redlight. But that isn't really what I wanted to do. I was just having so much fun speeding ahead, with the top down, the wind in my hair (I guess I am using a car anology too, just like you) and it felt so great to be free again. To be laughing, and giddy. You know what I mean, and then, BAM a big freaking redlight spoils all the fun (funny that it is red). Now I am sad and confused, because just a few minutes ago it was green and I was going to go on through, but it tuned red without even the smallest inkling that it was going to. No warning, no slow progression from green to yellow to red. Just red. So now I sit here, twiddling my thumbs waiting because I know that one of these times, it's going to turn green again because that is just was it does. I just wonder if I will still be here waiting, or if maybe I turned right on red, and I am gone.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tomatoes Make Me Sick. . .

Not really, but with the new Salmonella poison scare, I could have been really sick.

I was so excited the other day, to have some yummy vine tomatoes with my oven roasted home made sandwich. So I had DH take me to the local grocer and I picked up the juiciest bag I could fine. Once home I made the subs, and then proceded to slice the tomatoes directly onto the cheese side, without rinsing them. **What?? Everyone knows those little sprinkler things clean it enough!** So anyway after eating dinner, I saw on the news that tomatoes are the newest food scare and they are carrying Salmonella!!! Yikes!!!

Ok, soooo Mad Cow, E-Coli, Salmonella. . . all on foods we are supposed to eat to keep us healthy. Good grief. I never hear anyone say "Recall on chocolate doughnuts, Mad Hatter icing sends whole country to the hospital" Maybe we should all eat junk food to live longer!! For crying out loud!!
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