Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Oh Happy Day!

I just got a call from the salon where I get my hair done. The nice lady on the phone informed me that she was named Christy, and that my stylist Katie (MY stylist? I only used her twice) has left the salon. However they valued my patronage (Again, I only went there twice) and that to keep me as a client, they would like to offer me 50% off my next appointment (Holy Crap, that's half off of $100-- I get cut, colored, highlighted, and styled) ANNNND a 1/2 massage FOR FREEE!!!! WHAT??!!! I got my hair done the twice by the same girl, and they want to give me free stuff for being a loyal client??!! OK!! Sign me Up!! I am soo excited!! So being as my 1 year wedding anniversary is July 7, I scheduled the appointment on July 3rd. I am getting my hair colored, highlighted, washed, cut, and styled, then i will go into the meditation room for a nice 1/2 massage!! That is as close to a "Spa Day" as I have EVER been. and all for just under $70!!! MY goodness. I am soo excited.


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