Saturday, September 6, 2008

Just Give Me the Cheap Stuff!

So I am sitting here drinking a $6 bottle of red wine and within sips I can feel the familiar tingle starting at my toes. The warm flush is already in my cheeks, and the giddyness is rising inside. DH is on his second beer, and showing no signs of these feelings. Stupid men and their high tolerence for alcohol.
Anyway, DH is playing some XBOX game, and I am listening to my audiobook version of "Love the One Your With" I am almost finished with it, and feel like it is totally paralleling my recent months with my ex. I am actually eager to get to the end, to see what the herione does in the story. Not that I can or will change my decisions that I have made in my situation, but it still I would like to know.
This week has been so long, I am happy to be in the weekend. I have some things planned this weekend, but still will be able to relax. Tomorrow is mainly cleanup day. Planning on cleaning my house and getting ready for Sunday. The day of all days. Football season starts and I am also having a partylite party. We are having over family and friends, and having barbeque and fun snacks. I am a new football fan, just started actively following it last year. DH and his family are huge football celebrators, mostly following Favre and the Packers. Though now, we are going to be cheering on the Jets as well. I have bought poster boards and paint, to make signs to cheer on our teams. My brother cheers the Panthers, and my stepdad cheers the Dolphins. We have the Sunday ticket and HDTV so it should be fun for all.
Partylite should be good too, though I accidentally spent all my money tonight at good ole WalMart. I need/want to get some candles for my hanging sconces, and of course this thought was lost in my mind somewhere while I added clearance compositions, tank tops, nail polish, and other goodies into my cart. I never add anything up in my head, and had no idea how much things would cost. But sure enough, I spent all my fun extra money at Walmart, and not on Partylite.
Third glass of wine now and things are starting to spin a bit and my thoughts are swirling. Man, I sure am a cheap drunk!


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