Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thanks My Stars for HotSync!

Well, about two weeks ago, DH got mad at me and snapped my phone in half (razr) and I upgraded to a new Palm Centro. It has become my world, my address book, and my date book. I depend on it more than I probably should. Anyway, three days ago, in a fit of anger I throw my phone to the floor. (I always lose my temper, but this is the first time I have ever given in to it, and thrown something) Sure enough, the screen shattered and I had to get another one. Luckily I had the insurance plan, and was able to get another Palm in one day. It was great, but I started freaking out because of my appointments, my phone numbers and everything else I had on the phone. I called my cellular store and the lovely girl reminded me about hotsync whish I had not really used. Tonight I hooked it on up and sure enough, from my old phone all the info was downloaded to my laptop, and then I hooked up my new phona and viola! My old phone is now my new phone! I am so excited and relieved! Hooorah!!!


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