Monday, September 22, 2008

TV Premieres

Ok, so generally, I am a severe follower of TV. I get sooo involved that I practically count down the days in between epis, I curse the cliffhanger finales, build the off season and freak out when it is time for the premieres. Only this year, I seem to have forgotten ALL the details of the finales. I have been seeing all the trailors for the shows, and when the "previous" information shows I think "WTF!?" he got shot? "WTH?!" He is dead?? Every show has had a serious ending, and now, I am at the beginning of each one, and I am so lost and clueless. How did that happen!! ARRRGH. Is it possible that my passion for tv is waning? Could it be that I just do not have them time for my tv life anymore. Is my schedule so full that my love affair with Horatio Cane is ending. That my forever friendship with Melinda Gordon has been pushed under the rug. Could it be that my DVR has created a wedge so far between us that I can no longer bridge the gap. That my Saturday viewing of a Tuesday's date has caused irreperable damage?

Or maybe, just maybe, my DVR has finally freed me from your stronghold and I am able to live my life as it should be. Spending precious moments with my daughter, creating irreplaceable memories with my husband, and taking each day as it comes with a spontenaity that can only be found by not following a schedule.

Relax, Serena & Blair, I will see you soon. Don't cry Grisom, Tyra, and Probst. You all have a reserved spot in my heart, and on my hard drive. . . but for now. I am off to snuggle my baby to sleep.


Dana said...

i'm bad, I'm a TV addict.. LOL...

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