Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Time

Last year on Christmas we woke Lo up at 5 am to open her presents. Why so early? We needed to be at my mom's house one hour away before my little sister woke up at about 8 am. Then from there we went to my MIL's and then to my grandmother's house. It was all too much. Not only were we exhausted, but Lo was so overstimulated that she barely enjoyed any of it.

This year however, hubsy and I decided to host Christmas at our house, and anyone that wanted to see us would have to come here.

I was so excited to have the holiday here, and we invited my mom, stepdad, sisters, and brother all to stay over at our house on Christmas Eve. That way we could all be together on my mom's birthday (Christmas Eve) and the kids (Lo and my 5 year old sister) could open the presents as soon as they woke up. It was great.

Hubsy, my brother, and sister (24) stayed up late to play Santa. We wrapped all the presents in special Santa paper, ate the cookies, and continued the tradition of writing a note from Santa.

When the kids woke up I, paper was flying everywhere and giggles filled the air.

Lo opening her gifts. Diapers!

Lo and Auntie P opening gifts.

Auntie P is giving Lo a makeover.

After her makeover. So Glamorous!

I cooked my first Christmas dinner of Ham, Deviled Eggs, and green bean casserole and sweet potato mash with marshmallows. (It took me three tries to brown the marshmallows on top, my broiler burned the first two!) I was really happy, and my brother caught it all with my camera which means, hooray! I am in some of the shots!!!!


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