Thursday, January 8, 2009

Ravelry is a great site for knitters and crocheters to come together and share projects and patterns. It's sort of like the "Myspace" for crafters. I found the site in April when I taught myself to knit, and was thrilled to see all the fun things you could make and all the people in my area who knitted that I could knit with too.

I have been pretty busy as of late, with the surrogacy transfer so close (next Wednesday) and haven't been able to finish many of my projects let alone post them to Ravlery, but I was particularly proud of this hat. Lorelei asked speccifically that I make it, and it was the first time I ever tried the little bobbles!


Lynds said...

Wonderful hat!! I haven't tried bobbles yet myself, but I love knitting. The little point at the top adds great charm to the little hat. :) as for ravelry, I love that place!

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