Saturday, January 3, 2009

It's Been A Hell Of A Year

This year soo many things happened so stealing this from a friend, here is my year!

Lo turned TWO years old.

I got my cute baby Kodiak. SO SWEET!

Lo gets her first pool. Nice swim trunks daddy!

I turned 26. Yikes!! Another margarita please!

Lo got a bitchin' tattoo. (temporary of course)

Mark and I celerated 1 year in our home.

I decided to become a surrogate mother! (Transfer January 13)

Mark celebrates 28 with great friends!

Tinkerbell visted from Neverland.

I started my own photography business.

And finally. . .
We hosted our first Christmas!

Wow, what a year! I had forgotten so many things, and there were TOO many pictures to show! Hope you had as great a year as I!

Happy 2009!


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