Sunday, January 18, 2009

Panic Is Setting In

I have been without a full time job for over 3 months now, and panic is beginning to set in. When we bought this house last year, both hubsy and I had good full time jobs. We worked for the same company, he making over $2000 a month, and me making over $1000 a month. This allowed us to pay our house payment of $1200 and all of our bills and still have some money left over. Now, we are struggling, I cannot find a job, and I am starting to panic. I do not know if we could sell this house without losing money in this economy so we could move to a smaller place or an apartment.

I had been planning to use some money to rent a booth at the Baby Expo in Saint Charles and get more business to make more money to contribute to my family. However the money had to be spent to get me a new computer when my old one, full of all my business files and everything decided to stop powering up. So I had to buy a new computer, and granted I got it on clearance, but still now my advertising budget is completely gone.

I feel like my world might be crashing now.


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